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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Universal Battery Tester

To recognize the battery whether it is working or not is very difficult. Generally voltmeter is employed for checking purpose of state of battery. Now, here is very simple circuit utilized to check the state of battery.

 Circuit Description

The entire circuit of universal battery tester is build around dual comparator IC TL072 (IC1) followed by other component. The two independent comparator is used here as operational amplifier. The inverting pin of these two operational amplifiers is fed through potential .

Divider network made from resistor R1 and R3. Rest of the component is utilized to maintain threshold voltage.
State of LED
Glowing RED LED:- Battery is fully charged
Glowing GREEN LED:- Battery is usable
Glowing RED LED:- Need charge or it is not usable.

universal battery tester

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                                PARTS LIST

    Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon unless stated otherwise)
                             R1, R3 = 5.6 Ω
                             R2 = 3.3 KΩ
                             R4, R6 = 1 MΩ
                             R5, R7, R9 = 1 KΩ
                             R8, R10 = 820 Ω
                             R11 = 10 KΩ



                             IC1 = TL072CD
                             ZD1 = 3.3 V/500mW
                             LED1 = RED LED
                             LED2 = GREEN LED
                             LED3 = YELLOW LED                               


                             SW1 = Push to on switch
                             Two probe
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